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Put a final expense plan in place easily and affordably.

Your Memorial Your Way.

Serving Canadians for over 60 years!

For many years, Bouclier Famille has been known and trusted by families that need help addressing their end-of-life needs. We are here to help you plan for:

  • Funeral Costs

  • Monument Options

  • Executor Coverage

  • Planned Charitable Giving

  • Other Final Expenses

Planning your final wishes ahead of time spares your loved ones the burden of making hundreds of decisions and preparing mounds of paperwork during an emotionally draining and stressful time.

You choose to put a plan in place and designate a beneficiary who will take care of your final wishes when you pass. You can also choose which funeral establishment you wish to assign the funeral portion of your final expense plan.

We help you put your final wishes in place and offer you funding options through plans underwritten and administered by TruStage Life of Canada.

Free Planning Consultations

When you express an interest in putting your final wishes in place, we schedule a meeting between you and a licensed Bouclier Famille Final Expense Planner. This free personal consultation can take place over the phone, in person, or even by video chat - whatever you are most comfortable with.

Our licensed, knowledgeable Planners provide you with the information and options available to help you make an informed choice about what you want your final expense plan to look like. They also offer you affordable ways to set aside funds to help your family when they will need it the most.

Every choice and financial decision is specific to your wants and needs, and our Final Expense Planners guide you during the process. We make it as simple and stress-free as possible. When your plan is outlined and you are satisfied with what you have put in place, your personal Planner will help you find a payment plan to pay for your final expenses. We offer no-medical, insured, monthly payment plans to fit any budget and help everyone put a plan in place - no matter your circumstance.

The future is uncertain, but we can help make it a little less unknown. Planning ahead just makes sense. Let us help you put a plan in place today! 

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"When we found out about Bouclier Famille, we were so happy to know that there was a plan to make it so easy for our family and loved ones. Now, I know that everything is looked after. This is a great plan!"

Laura M.

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